Jenna | Whimsical Woodsy Styled Shoot | The Scrubs

December 4, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Part II of my photoshoot with Kaitlin and Jenna! As beautiful as the bridal gown, bouquet and couch was in Part I, I have to say Part II gave me the excitement in the pit of my stomach I only get when I know God is providing the perfect atmosphere for beautiful photographs. Seriously, HUGE praises to Jesus for blessing us with the most lovely day for shooting. Part II in particular had the best lighting I’ve shot with in a while. Although the mosquitos were crazy, as soon as we stepped onto the boardwalk, there was an awesome breeze and the way the sunset over the horizon made the field below look so golden! While we’re talking about pretty things again, lets give Kaitlin another huge round of applause for a rockin’ hair-do, makeup and FLOWER CROWN! I’ve always wanted to photograph someone wearing a flower crown and Kaitlin made my dreams come true. I hope you guys like the photos from this shoot, because it is without a doubt one of my favorites to this date!

Oh! And one last shout out to Jenna for being the most perfect model. She told me she was awkward in front of the camera, but uh, I BEG TO DIFFER, amiright?