Jeff + Rachel | Railroad Park | Birmingham, AL

August 8, 2016

Railroad Park: nestled in the heart of downtown Birmingham. Home of food truck rallies, group yoga lessons, outdoor concerts and runners galore. Neighbor to Regions Park home of the Birmingham Barons baseball team and the sweet LED color lighted tunnels. About a month ago, it was the site of Rachel + Jeff’s engagement session. I love this park. Its in the middle of all the action in the coolest city in the south (in my humble opinion). I myself have eaten a Melt grilled cheese sandwich and picnicked here from time to time in during the four years I called Birmingham home.

As much as I love Railroad Park, I love this couple more! I became friends during my last two years at Samford. The two of them and their friends were so inviting and kind to me during a funky time of my life and I’ll never forget it! What’s funny is when I became friends with them; Rachel and Jeff were just friends! Seeing them as a couple it all makes sense… these two are so in love with each other! Their shoot was full of giddy smiles and laughs while looking at one another. The coolest thing about them being friends for such a long time first is it built an incredible foundation for the pair and their relationship. I think both Rachel and Jeff would agree that if they were told when the initially met that they would get married they would have a lot of questions. It truly is beautiful to see the way God planned for them to come together. Being friends for a few years before prepared each of them to love each other better as a couple.

It was really great to hang out with Rachel and Jeff. It had been since February when I last briefly saw them. We all grabbed dinner at Glory Bound Gyro, a new restaurant in the ever-growing Magic City. It was nice to catch up before taking their engagement photos. They were the first people I saw when I made it into town. I felt very welcomed by their conversation after a grueling 10 hour drive from Lakeland. Well, now you can see for yourself the giddy and happy engagement shoot of Rachel and Jeff! I am so excited to shoot their wedding this upcoming October, it will be the happiest day! 🙂