Carlee Spell, RN

March 17, 2021

Meet Carlee – she’s a brand new RN, a recent graduate from Polk State’s nursing program. Even during the span of our 1 hour portrait session, I gathered that Carlee is an extremely hard worker, confident in her skills, passionate about nursing and caring for others and a go-getter. She is a powerhouse of a woman, y’all! All of Carlee’s hard work has seriously paid-off as she was accepted for a Labor and Delivery position at a hospital in Asheville, NC! While the state of Florida will miss her, Asheville will be lucky to have her. It should also be mentioned that this was a super competitive position that she applied for. In fact, only 2 positions were available and 64 people applied! The fact that Carlee snagged one of those highly desired positions should tell you everything about her work ethic and passion for this field of work.

I’m a big believer in booking a portrait session to celebrate successful seasons of life. I’m so glad Carlee now has portraits of herself to look back on years down the road, ones that she can show her kids one day and say, “this is when I became a nurse!” Congratulations Carlee on such an exciting accomplishment! I hope you get to care over lots of incredible mommas and help them deliver beautiful babies into this world.