July 30, 2020

Alexander + Abigail

Fun fact: this gallery was shot on a Mamiya 645 medium format film camera! You’re looking at some lovely Kodak Portra 400 scans! Honestly, I can’t believe I took these photos – I’ve been dreaming about my work looking like this (you know dreamy and filmy) for a good two years now. This was a win in my career and a step in the direction I’m striving to take. It feels really freaking good.

About the humans in these photos: this is Alexander + Abigail Donalson, two of the nicest, and most considerate people you could meet. About a month or so ago I posted a story about wanting to get into film. Alex responded and has been a HUGE help and supporter ever since. He let me borrow his Mamiya 645 and shoot a roll of film. Him and Abigail answered all my questions and let me pick their brains for 2 hours. They embody community over competition in the most beautiful way. Alex could have thought “great, another person wanting to shoot film,” but instead his outlook is “the more people shooting film, the better.” And I think that’s really cool. So big shout out to the Donalsons! I’m forever thankful for their kindness!