Drew + Kaitlin | Carter Road Park | Lakeland, FL

November 1, 2016

THEY’RE EXPECTING! Actually, real life – sweet baby Jonas should be here at the end of this month! I need to take a moment to brag on my friend Kaitlin here… she is a pillar of strength. Pregnancy hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for my dear friend. In fact, she been told by the doctor that she needed to be on bed rest. Let me just say this though… Kaitlin, you look amazing. You have the cutest baby bump and you were a straight rockstar at this shoot. I wanted to try to keep the walking down to a minimum given Kaitlin’s condition, but I still made her walk through dirt, step over branches and even “frolic” (lol jk) through a field. Pretty sure Drew wanted to kill me!! Basically, thank you so much guys for putting up with my ideas 🙂

Man, I feel old typing this post… here’s the thing. I’ve known Drew for a really long time. The fact that he’s about to be a dad blows my mind, but he is going to be an amazing father just like Kaitlin is going to be an amazing mother. Plus these people are only two years older than me! Whaaaa? We are growing up so fast.

One last thing: shout out to my little bro Tyler for being a baller reflector holder. Also he’s the one who pointed out the amazing light in those solo shots of Kaitlin. What a champ!