Andrew + Tiffany | Historic Dixieland | Lakeland, FL

July 19, 2016

I love getting to do work for friends! Shoots of friends are always fun, easy and laid-back… even at 7:30 in the morning!! Yeah, that’s right, this shoot started early in the AM. You see, the three of us are fairly busy people and the crack of dawn was literally the only time that worked for all of us. It was a great first thing to do in the morning though. Andrew and Tiffany were awesome. Of course, Andrew had some Red Bull to give him some wings for the shoot. Can you blame him?! 7:3o AM is a rough time, ha!

I’ve known these two since the summer of 2013. That summer I got to intern with Andrew at The Rock for the youth group. If there was anything I learned about Andrew that summer it was he was often hungry and would quickly want to know when lunch was. In fact “when’s lunch?” became his catch phrase. Okay, but all jokes aside, I had a great time getting to work alongside Andrew that summer. We quickly became friends and he was always bringing fresh new ideas to our team! With meeting Andrew, I got to meet Tiffany, which let me tell you, is quite the treat! Tiffany is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. Tiffany and I are in the same small group that meets from time-to-time and if there’s anything I’ve learned from spending time with her it’s, she loves people, always puts others first and knows how to find something positive in every person and situation. I am inspired by her joy!

Andrew and Tiffany met through YoungLife an organization that is extremely important to the pair as individuals and as a couple. Both Andrew and Tiffany are still involved with YoungLife today as leaders. It’s so cool how they have opened themselves up to being vessels for the Lord through YoungLife and I believe God has touched many student’s lives through them.

Again, it was so fun taking this couple’s engagement photos. Historic Dixieland provided a great backdrop for their photos. It was a little bit cooler wandering around the streets of Dixieland with it being early in the morning. Andrew + Tiffany are so chill and I think you can tell just through their photos that they aren’t concerned with the flash of things and just genuinely like to have a good time. I love how much Andrew makes Tiffany laugh. It made for a lot of sweet photos! Enough from me, I’ll just let you see for yourself! Andrew and Tiff, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next spring! It’s going to be a wonderful day!

They said they had two outfits: a nicer one & a casual one. The photos from above are the nicer photos… check out the “casual ones!” Yeah, my kind of people. Flannels, chacos & backwards baseball caps.